Another ALS awareness fundraising ice bucketeer from STS-124 (see #1 here)

Astronaut Ron Garan and the ALS awareness fundraising ice bucket challenge.


In case you missed itsesamestreet started their own version of Comic Con — Numeric Con! 

All the super cool muppets were in attendance, including Doctor Two, Fiverine, the Dark Nine, and CapTEN Kirk!

(via datagoddess)

The Pandemonium Drummers perform at the Royal Festival Hall on the second anniversary of their performance in the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony


Three week old piglet Pigalina has claimed 4 year old Pitbull rescue dog Levi as her best friend! The playful interaction was captured by owner Melissa Susko at her PIGS Animal Sanctuary in West Virginia. After being rejected by her litter, Pigalina will now live among the other animals on Melissa’s farm!
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Astronaut Ron Garan flyboarding (via @Astro_Ron)