The difference between dogs and cats teaching their young about stairs x

oh my god

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Chris Hadfield sings the Canadian national anthem before the Toronto Maple Leafs game, 18 January 2014.

Mr Pip - official trailer

Official BBC trailer for Sochi 2014

Third International Silly Walk Day, 7 January 2014, Brno, Czech Republic

Don’t just knock Thatcher - suggest a way of replacing her with something better - Fry & Laurie, 1990




The famous video with Stephen Fry in a bathtub. Blink and you’ll miss Alan Davies and Simon Pegg.


Bless you my child. :D

Holy shit Spike Milligan too! 

And now I want to watch more of the League of Gentlemen. 

How had I forgotten about Fry in the bathtub?!??

OMG I’ve never seen this one!  I thought it was the one about the centipede playing football.