Astronaut Ron Garan flyboarding (via @Astro_Ron)


95 lb. Pitbull Manny and 10 week old playful kitten Petri say hello! Can you believe this sweet, gentle Pitbull has to be muzzled and walked using a metal chain as his leash?????

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Watch how cute this is when a responsible dog doesn’t hesitate to jump on the couch and break up a fight between two of his puppy playmates and then scold those involved! They are all so darn cute!!!!

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Birds Eye Menu Masters (late 1980s)


So so sweet!!! Adorable Golden Retriever puppy comforts an older dog during a bad dream! No doubt they are quickly becoming best friends!

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Surprise baby sloth arrival at London Zoo 

(via Zooborns)


(Original by Kazuhiro Tsukimura.)

A mute is essential when playing any brass instrument.

But when your mute goes missing, you are forced to make do..

I love how the cat keeps looking into the instrument in bafflement!

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mip mip mip mip

(via datagoddess)


We recently rescued a beautiful Pug mix named Mila from a high-kill shelter. At her initial vet exam we found out she was pregnant. She gave birth to five sweet little puppies, 3 boys, 2 girls. All the puppies have found forever homes once they are old enough!

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Crosse & Blackwell tomato sauce with breakfast