Pipsqueak the goat wants to play with her adoptive puppies and shows affection towards them in the only way she knows how, by headbutting them!!
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I am a gorill-a

Herman Matthews brilliantly undertakes the ice bucket challenge


One of the cutest kitty hugsever! Franzie the kitty asks his daddy for a hug and stretches up for it! Just way too cute not to share!
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Another ALS awareness fundraising ice bucketeer from STS-124 (see #1 here)

Astronaut Ron Garan and the ALS awareness fundraising ice bucket challenge.


In case you missed itsesamestreet started their own version of Comic Con — Numeric Con! 

All the super cool muppets were in attendance, including Doctor Two, Fiverine, the Dark Nine, and CapTEN Kirk!

(via datagoddess)