Compilation of Central TV idents

HTV Cymru Wales 1970s

Grampian 1970s

Thames 1981

STV 1970s

Scottish TV 1987

From a 1986 episode of ITV sitcom Girls On Top - the usually bossy, no-nonsense feminist Amanda (Dawn French) is enchanted by her substitute evening class teacher Tom (Hugh Laurie) and sets out to seduce him with her soft feminine charms.


By the mid-1980s Central had introduced some colour into their ident, but with the same musical introduction as before. 


In 1982, Central took over as the ITV franchise holder for the Midlands region.  Its first ident was pleasant enough, suggesting a ‘new dawn’ perhaps?  But more colourful efforts would follow in later years.


By the 1970s, London was the only ITV region to remain on a split franchise.  The company broadcasting at the weekend was called, incredibly, London Weekend Television.  This was the ident used by London Weekend in the 1970s, the company’s initials flowing down the screen as a stylised representation of the River Thames through central London.  Even as a small child, I remember thinking what a clever idea that was. 


This Tumblr is titled ‘Fear of the Peacock’ in reference to a well-known US television ident.  In the UK, this is often considered the ident most likely to strike fear into the mind of an innocent viewer.  This was Ulster Television’s first ident, and was infrequently seen across the ITV network, but was still used long after all the other ITV regions had converted to colour idents in the 1970s. 


Another iconic 1970s ident seen on ITV came from the London weekday broadcaster, Thames, who created a highly stylised vista of London to introduce their programmes.